Leadings and Perceptions [session 2]
  • Leadings and Perceptions [session 2]

Leadings and Perceptions [session 2]

In Christ Jesus, we have been called and sanctified. This means we have a vocation to which we are to respond. For us to learn how to live from the vantage point of our vocation, we need to be schooled in how to respond to God's leadings and how to certify that our perceptions are accurate. There is something specific that God has committed to your trust. It is your stewardship to learn why you are here on earth, specifically and practically, and to re-align your life to walk in that assignment. 
When it comes to walking accurately in the plan of God, Divine guidance is required because many aspects of why you are here on earth have extra biblical implications. In other words, there are many aspects of our lives that are beyond the written pages of the bible. In the second session of “Leadings and Perceptions”, Dr. Shawn Smith continues to expound on the practicality of the Christian faith, and highlights five imperatives of the will of God.

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