Great Gain [2 Sessions]
  • Great Gain [2 Sessions]

Great Gain [2 Sessions]


 According to Apostle Paul, pride is a habit that surfaces as inconsistency. It requires humility of heart to embrace and believe in honour, service, and good works, to consistently partake in the benefits of Christ. To not believe in walking consistently in good works is to not believe in honour or stewardship. Such a person is not constrained by God’s love. They devote themselves without contentment, that is, without the notion of finding sufficiency in Christ’s all-sufficiency. There is no gain in mere religious devotion without contentment (1 Tim. 6:6). 

Gain is not just in terms of monetary value. It is about finding fulfillment in what we do; it is to live as God wants us to live, relying on His abilities, and His sufficiency. In these sessions of "Great Gain", Dr. Annie Smith reveals Christian service, faithfulness, wholeness and honour as some key practical aspects of the Christian faith. Learn how to find your sufficiency in Christ's all-sufficiency for the continuous extension of His Life in you to bring transformation to this world.


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