Salvator Mundi - PASCHA 2022
  • Salvator Mundi - PASCHA 2022

Salvator Mundi - PASCHA 2022


Jesus Christ is not just the Saviour of the believer, neither is He is just the Saviour of humanity. He who is the Creator and Sustainer of our universe is the Saviour of the world. To affirm Christ as Saviour comes with its own cosmology and worldview. It gives us a new perspective by which we are to interpret history and all of creation.

In the fullness of time, the Eternal Christ entered into our humanity and began to unveil the reason for which everything was created. He became Man to realign the Cosmos according to God’s ultimate purpose. In these special Paschal sessions, Dr. Shawn Smith unveils the apostolic vision and mindset by which we are to understand Christ and our purpose in this world, in order to bring wholeness to the world.


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