Hipernikomai:Overwhelmingly Victorious
  • Hipernikomai:Overwhelmingly Victorious

Hipernikomai:Overwhelmingly Victorious


The incarnation of the logos has revealed the heart of God towards us.His eternal disposition is towards us, for us, on our behalf, taking up our defense. We are not here as a result of happenstance; we are an intricate part of what God planned before the foundation of the world.The challenges in the world now, although not planned by God, will be used for our good. In Christ Jesus we are overwhelmingly victorious .If God be for us, who can be against us.


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Our victory remains reassured in the conclusion that if God is for us there is nothing that can prevail against us in whatever situation we may find ourselves .We are always triumphant, we are always above all, we always have all because we are in Christ; we have been made what He is, we are where He is, we have what He has and we can do what He does. In this session, Dr. Shawn Smith gives a precise understanding of the full extent of our inviolable security in Christ Jesus.


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