Winning With Everything
  • Winning With Everything

Winning With Everything


In Christ Jesus, victory is absolute. It is not found in circumstances, places, attainments, or possessions. Rather, winning in everything has to do with your perspective; not just what you see but how you see things. Our inner dispositions influence our outward world. We are, thus, to become aware of our consciousness. Not living in a hypnotic state but awakened to our true identity that is found in God our Source. 

In the arrangement of things in this world, we will have tribulations but we are set apart from these because Christ has conquered the world. We are to be of good cheer for the Lord has won the victory that cannot be challenged. In “Winning in Everything,” Dr. Shawn Smith expounds on the inner dispositions the believer must possess to maintain emphatic focus on Christ's mission and live sent, representing Him to the world.


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