The Grace Effect [2 Sessions]
  • The Grace Effect [2 Sessions]

The Grace Effect [2 Sessions]


 The living Gospel is described as the glad tidings. It announces what is already true concerning you, that is, what God knows about you in Christ Jesus. God is persuaded of you. He is sure of Himself concerning you. If you would learn to acknowledge this, His love and blissful joy will restore you to life. 

We have the fullness of God's grace in Christ: God’s generosity and His love that gives all. However, not everyone knows how to draw from this endowment.  Dr. Shawn Smith unveils the key to experience the fullness of grace that has been bequeathed to us in Christ Jesus. Learn how to take advantage and empower yourself in the favour God has shown you in Him as you acknowledge the abundance of grace that is yours in Christ.


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