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HEGEOMAI 2024-Operation Sonship Governance
  • HEGEOMAI 2024-Operation Sonship Governance

HEGEOMAI 2024-Operation Sonship Governance


"For us this year of our Lord 2024, the Lord says it is an operation. It is “Operation Sonship Governance,” derived from the New Testament Greek verb "Hegeomai,” which means to rule, to exercise authority over, to exercise regal power—the power of a king, supreme authority—to lead in all aspects of influence, to judge the cosmos, angels, and things pertaining to this cosmos. “Hegeomai” also speaks of the proper use of the mind as it has been encapsulated—leading by virtue of right thinking."


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What is God doing next ? We are going to be transformed to see the extent to which we have been conformed with the image of His Son. There is going to be a transformation whereby our human form and the Divine form are going to be in such communion that Christ will be manifested in the form of our person, our uniqueness. Get ready to undergo a Christomorphic transformation as Dr. Shawn Smith expounds on God's plan for the new season.

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