Lockdown Series
  • Lockdown Series

Lockdown Series


The times in which we live are unprecedented. However, what is even more unprecedented is what God unveiled 2000 years ago in Christ Jesus, which we have scarcely grasped in its full import. For the past seven months of this year, 2020, Dr. Shawn Smith has been expounding on different aspects of the mysteries of the Gospel, preparing the rising of the glorious church in this generation.


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This special pack is a compilation of what he calls the “lockdown series”. We pray that as you listen, you will catch up with what God is doing in his Church in this age.

Teachings included:

·      The Greatest even of all times

·      Undaunted

·      The Saviour of all

·      Vocation

·      The glorious generosity of God

·      Answered prayer guaranteed.

·      Original

·      The great open door

·      Divine Conspiracy

·      The Consummate Power of God

·      The Sonship Summit

·      The Apokalupsis

·      Becoming Eucharistic

·      Union, Oneness, and Identification

·      Hupernikomai – Overwhelmingly Victorious
.  Becoming Aware of the “Yet Not I But Christ”


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